Frequently Asked Question

Who is this event for?

For everyone who wants to achieve better results and is open to new ideas and changes. We expect 250 participants, CEOs, directors, executives, continuous improvement executives and manufacturing and service professionals.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

We takes seriously the health and safety of our staff and of our clients, vendors, customers and guests. Our policies are developed to follow guidance set by state and local regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we will also be relying on the good judgment and professionalism of our attendees to behave responsibly throughout any event. Should you at any time have any questions or concerns regarding these protocols, please feel free to reach out to any of our staff member at the event. Although we will make efforts to ensure that there are areas available for social distancing at many portions of the event, there may be some event activities (for example, small-group breakout sessions) where social distancing may not be practicable. If an attendee wishes to limit him/herself to activities where he/she can socially distance, please speak with any organzier staff member at the event, who can advise you as to room capacity and attendee size for any specific activity at the event. We ask that every person at the event self-monitor for symptoms of illness before entering the event each day. If you are feeling feverish, have a persistent cough, or are otherwise experiencing potential symptoms of Covid-19, please do not enter the event. Instead, you should contact venue or organizer staff via telephone so that we can ensure you receive testing, medical attention and whatever other assistance may be appropriate to ensure your safety and that of others around you. While the above is intended as general guidance for the event, the organzizers reserves the right to modify this policy in the event of new controlling guidance or as other circumstances may warrant. Attendees should at all times follow directions that may be given by event staff or venue staff, to ensure the safety and comfort of all event attendees.

How can I buy tickets and what form of payment is accepted?

You can buy tickets on this website in the "buy tickets" section. It depends on whether you decide to buy with a straight card or an advance invoice with a maturity of 14 days. The order is mandatory.

Do you offer any kind of group discount?

A discount is provided for the purchase of 3 or more participants.

What is your refund policy? What happens in the case of a cancelled event?

If the event is canceled and there is no replacement date within 2 years from the planned original event, the money will be refunded to your account in full.

Venue and Parking

The event is at the Marriott Hotel in Brno. You can also stay in the hotel, there will also be a main party. You can park in the areas below the hotel.

What time should I arrive?

Arrive the evening before the summit. We have a pre-conference party ready for you. We will send you organizational information by email and then you will also receive it in the application.

Who will be speaking?

When the program is ready, we will be happy to share it 🙂

Where can I find out the program?

Subscribe to our newsletter, we continuously update the program and send it by email!

Is there a conference app I can download?

Yes, the application is Eventee. As soon as you log in, we will make it available to you. You can directly communicate with other participants, watch the current program, etc.!

Will there be filming and photography at your events?

Yes, there will be a photographer and a cameraman at the summit. Lectures and photographs will be available after the summit.

What is the dress code for events?

During the day, the dress code is business casual. Mainly to make you feel comfortable and also to be prepared for ongoing meetings with partners and other participants. We will recommend a dress code cocktail for the main party.

Can I go to the Summit if I'm not fully vaccinated?

Under current conditions, no, but that may change until the beginning of the Summit.

How do we prove we're vaccinated?

Printed certificate or digital COVID card.

What is the cost of Online Streaming?

You can find the price in the "buy tickets" section.

Will all lectures be available for viewing?

Yes, presentations and links to all videos will be available in Eventee.

Will the lectures be sent in PDF after the end?

The lectures will be available in the Eventee application.