Frequently Asked Question


Who is this event for?

For everyone who wants to achieve better results and is open to new ideas and changes. We expect 250 participants, CEOs, directors, executives, continuous improvement executives and manufacturing and service professionals.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

We want to maintain a high level of conference and we are constantly monitoring the situation regarding COVID. You definitely don't have to worry about your health. If the situation does not develop well and there is a risk of infection, we will find a better time and move the summit to another date. If the event does not take place within 2 years from the original date, we will refund all your money.

How can I buy tickets and what form of payment is accepted?

You can buy tickets on this website in the "buy tickets" section. Upon registration, you will be sent an advance invoice, which is due in 7 days. Invoicing is in CZK for Czech companies, for Slovak companies and the others the invoicing is in EUR. Invoicing is with Slovak VAT 20%.

Do you offer any kind of group discount?

A discount is provided for the purchase of 3 or more participants.

What is your refund policy? What happens in the case of a cancelled event?

If the event is canceled and there is no replacement date within 2 years from the planned original event, the money will be refunded to your account in full.

Venue and Parking

The event takes place in Bratislava, at the Carlton Hotel. The Cartlton Hotel will also host the main party between the first and second day of the summit. The hotel has plenty of parking spaces, the cost is 15 € per day. It is also possible to arrange accommodation at the hotel.

What time should I arrive?

Arrive the evening before the summit. We have a pre-conference party ready for you. We will send you organizational information by email and then you will also receive it in the application.

Who will be speaking?

Keynote speakers include representatives from Google, Tymphany, Istituto Lean Management, Vaillant Group, Syráreň Bel Slovensko,a.s., YIT Slovakia a.s., etc. There will also be speakers from case studies. Case studies presented by CEOs, Continuous Improvement Leaders and Specialists. These speakers will share with you best practices from diverse industries and their authentic way to continuous improvement, motivation and people engagement.

Where can I find out the program?

We are constantly updating it so that you have all the information in one place. Download the conference brochure on the page

Is there a conference app I can download?

We are preparing the application, you will have it available before the conference starts. There will be a program in the application, you will be able to report to individual sections and communicate with other participants.

Will there be filming and photography at your events?

Yes, there will be a photographer and a cameraman at the summit. Lectures and photographs will be available after the summit.

What is the dress code for events?

During the day, the dress code is business casual. Mainly to make you feel comfortable and also to be prepared for ongoing meetings with partners and other participants. We will recommend a dress code cocktail for the main party.

Can I go to the Summit if I'm not fully vaccinated?

No. This year's Summit is due to the possibility of implementation in full format only for Vaccinated against COVID.

How do we prove we're vaccinated?

Printed certificate or digital COVID card.

How long does it take to participate from the 2nd dose of vaccination?

In Slovakia it is 3 weeks, ie 21 days.

What are the measures when traveling from the Czech Republic to Slovakia and back?

For a fully vaccinated person, just fill out the eHranica form at

What if we can't participate because of the vaccination?

You can pass your ticket to anyone in the company and you get a free ticket to the Online streaming event for free and you will not lose any valuable content. If you do not have a ticket to whom, you will automatically switch to Online streaming and we will refund some of your money.

What is the cost of Online Streaming?

An online ticket costs 180 EUR or 4500 CZK.

Will all lectures be available for viewing?

Yes, presentations and links to all videos will be available in Eventee.

Will the lectures be sent in PDF after the end?

The lectures will be available in the Eventee application.

Where to stay?

You can stay at the Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel conference venue, Bratislava. If you are interested in accommodation, contact the reservation department at or book your accommodation here. or 2 minutes walk from the hotel, we have arranged accommodation for you in Hotel Devín, book via the link here.

How is parking solved?

Parking: directly under the hotel are underground garagesáže Price: Accommodated guests - 29 EUR / 24 hours Non-accommodated guests - 5 hours / 10 EUR, 10 hours / 15 EUR

What compliance with on-site measures is required?

Keep your mouth and upper respiratory respirator covered throughout the event.

What is the dress code for parties?

The eve of the summit is completely informal. Raut 29.9. business / business casual.