Submit your improvement project and win interesting prices

It will be a great pleasure for us to award you for the best Improvement projects realized in the last 18 months. We are looking forward to your contribution and inspiration for others in our community.

What can you win?

1 free ticket Lean Summit 2024

For all who participate we will draw 1 free ticket in FULL version for Lean Summit SKCZ 2024.
The draw will take place 1. 2. 2024.

GOLD Winner

  • 1 year membership in the Lean Institute Slovakia & Czechia (market value €1660 EUR)
  • Representative trophy


  • 6 months Minitab Software license (market value €800)
  • Representative trophy


  • Competency development for working with company culture / 3x 4-hour online course + 1 hour consultation (market value €400)
  • Representative trophy

What will be evaluated?

The Evaluation Commitee will vote separately and anonymously by assigning points for each of the following criteria. Based on this, the final result will be calculated so that winners can be fairly recognized.

A3 presentation

Team Involvement

Methods application

Achieved results

Scale of project

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Basic information

Each company can submit

1 project per each category

Awarded LEAN categories

People Process Digital

In each category there can be 3 winners

Gold Silver Bronze

Conditions of participation

It doesn't matter the industry or the type of project, just the application, the "form over content" approach.

Successfully completed project by the end of 2023 at the latest

Terminated no earlier than
1. 7. 2022

Delivered the project in the required form by 31. 1. 2024

Who are the Evaluation Commitee?

Martin O'Malley

Co - Owner
SC&C Partner

Pavel Říman

General Manager

Michal Major

Managing Director
Whirlpool Slovakia

Jiří Zeman

Operations Director
Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc

Bibiána Bátovská

Global Senior Advisor
Dell Technologies

Veronika Gregorková

Industrial Performance Manager
Syráreň Bel

 How can you participate?

Register your company for awards by clicking on the Register button until 30. 06. 2022.

Submit your project in a short A3 format until 31. 08. 2022. (project form with all the details published 1. 7. 2022)

Attend Lean Summit CZSK to be present at least during awards ceremony 22. 09. 2022 (even if you will not buy the summit ticket, you will be invited for the evening banquet)


Take the initiative and join us to continue this tradition!

Summit organizers

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